9th Pakistan fashion week London 2016/17 Story


Addiction in my stipulations is an illustration of niggle and gratification which is result of any occurrence or bond in life, which keeps on recurring us as a consequence we indulge ourselves into something that leads to an enigmatic endurance. It’s initially about compulsion as every person is captivated to something or another on this planet. It is a story which careworn to temptations from which one can’t escape or oppose.

As a result, one pursues a surreptitious existence and find themselves risking it when the heads are down to a perilous path that may not endure. As designer in this collection Gogi by Hassan Riaz soughing to imbue garments with primitive, emotional intensity through merging the personal with adore, the organic with the contemporary, and the rigours of traditional tailoring techniques with the buoyancy of haute couture.

This collection of Hassan Riaz would define how the elements of fragility and strength, tradition and technology, severity and grace, contrast and complement each other to create a new vision for fashion. Addiction, on the whole, is a collection that represents key theme and concept that enthused the designer to go deep into depths of twinge finding the elucidation to the depths of contentment exploring the typical substance in his search for sublime