8th Pakistan fashion week London 2015/16 Story

Beyond betrayal

Beyond betrayal is the collection that represents ultimate Betrayal. Betrayal that kills a woman from inside due to the desire the man exploit women in a male dominant society and leave her alone to tussle with her own instincts. The thematic thread that runs through my designs is a woman wearing structured clothing but at the same time of being aware of the truth of betrayal but she does not show signs of imprisonment, instead a strength of purpose and intent. My designs go beyond Betrayal to allow women to be supremely attractive in sumptuous garments while still expressing their own identity and self-esteem. I strive to create fashion that evokes the Humanness of its wearer and goes beyond sexual identification. For me, fashion is not about looking your best and feeling good about yourself with power and strength.

Maya Singer recently wrote in Vogue Magazine (the Bible of dominated fashion industry) that, “Having a sense of style is not selling out the sisterhood.” She goes on to say that, “Fashion is a multibillion-dollar industry that touches craft, identity, dreams, and art.” Being interested in fashion and appearance is not a betrayal of feminism but the best expression of it. So my collection is representation of supremacy and power of woman even with betrayal.