Fashion Pakistan week 2018 (spring/summer) (Story)


“A Visual Tale Of Ornate Soul”


This vibrant and audacious collection is a message over Child abuse and child labour, which is a sad reality- a trade where a youngling is taken for granted and are given no more value than deceased bones. As a muse, where one gambles away the innocence, adolescence, a colorful soul,
child like instincts traded for materialistic gain by annihilating innocent children.


This bold, effervescent collection is depicting a cheerful spirit of the child and the playful life through silhouettes that are elevating, an indication of aggravating, created from organza, silk and leather trims and flamboyant embellishments and provoking color combinations. The collection conveys the message of a vivid swayed child of this blossom planet that should always be rejoiced & enchanting towards the correct path by their protected and pampered ways that gives them the freedom to breathe the true core of protected youth.