About infinity

The collection infinity attempts to mortalize transcendence. The colour tones exude the emotional journey of a person as the colour red is associated with energy, passion, strength and desire; while the colour black is associated with mystery and fear of the unknown.

It captures the moment in between reality and illusion, what one feels and desires most and the fear that clenches our thoughts that makes us distance our self from others. The collection seizes the moment when we lose touch with reality and are strayed away by a chain of thought; a thought that distances us from our reality, a thought lost in the hope of a tomorrow that may or may not come, a thought too serene to let go, a thought leading to a moment of escape and aloofness.

That moment of transcendence is captured in this vibrant collection through the bold use of colours, geometrical shapes, sculptured 3D silhouettes with leather, silk and organza, along with the use of symbolic accessories that depict the calm and chaos of our thoughts