bridal couture story

MUDAQQAR Yeh Hai Mera Naseeb

The collection follows the theme that a girl is a God’s favour, not only for the family but for the society and for the universe. Because it is her who takes up the role of a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife. So, at time of marriage when she is leaving her identity as a daughter behind to take up one as a wife, in a new home among new relations; forcing her to give dowry is a wrong practice of society and should be turned aside.

Emphasizing on material things in this union, for the bride to pay dowry, is a practice not our own, and these are not the things that make her special. It is her substance, her strength, her humour, her brilliance and a hundred other attributes with which she colours all the hues of life that make her magnificent. And it is indeed the grace of God on her that she comes in this world being blessed with all the treasures of life God has to offer; that SHE is a mercy in her entirety.

This collection gives patronage to the rich culture and heritage of the east, and depicts a Pakistani bride in all the grandeur of the Golden Era of Pakistan, with works highlighting traditional Gharara, Khulli Shalwar, antique style Dupatta and Lehenga among other iconic pieces. It is a vintage collection that goes back to the heart and soul of bridal fashion